Who is Tim

Tim Brill.
Student, Soldier, Mountaineer, Father, Pilot, Author, Sailor.

I am extroverted, Intuitive, Assertive, and Love to Think. I guess I’m the ultimate devil’s advocate. But sometimes that will come off as being argumentative.

I am a single parent who raised my 2 youngest teenage boys, Alex and Cody. My oldest son Matt is married. He and his wife are the proud parents of my grandsons, Lucas and Jayce.

I was an infantry officer in the US Army, traveled extensively as an international mountaineering guide, ran for the US House of Representatives, been imprisoned for civil disobedience, been shot at, drank some beer and was present when the fat lady sung.

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and an MA in theology. I am an adventure junkie at heart. I love to travel, ski, camp, hike, mountain bike, Tae Kwon Do, mountain climb and sailing!

I owned a flight school, where Matt and I taught aerobatics, unusual attitude recovery techniques and tailwheel endorsements.  Flying is in my DNA, but so is sailing. I am now on a sabbatical journey completing a world circumnavigation sailing trip that commenced in Fall 2017 from Mexico.

Who is Ash

Ash Stiebel.
Senior Videographer, Editor, Digital Nomad and Sailor.

I am more introverted and love the ocean and traveling and getting to experience new adventures and record them to share. Born in South Africa, worked internationally, learned to sail in Knysna with Roger Clancy.

I joined Tim Brill in South Africa as crew to assist him in his final leg ‘homeward’ bound and have sailed 7000 nautical miles on this journey so far.  I function as key crew / cook / cleaner / night watch / digital media specialist and it has been the best thing I have done in my life.

I have worked in video, movies, commercials, tv, and digital media and have lots of creative talents and a huge portfolio of projects under my belt.  I currently work in partnership with eduCCate Global a UN education approved organization on climate education for schools including transition engineering, more about them here. www.educcateglobal.org

My complete portfolio of work is here :-https://ashstiebel.wixsite.com/portfolio