Wednesday July 10, 2018

Wednesday July 10, 2018

After yesterdays aborted departure, we finally departed at 0700 local time this morning. Much better weather to motor out the Basalik Pass.  Last night we managed one more happy hour, before I did a bit of boat work before an early bed. I liked Port Moresby.  The yacht club was especially friendly.  As suspected, the set bolts on my prop shaft coupling were loose again, but the shaft did not seem to slip aft, although is continues to make an unholy noise.  Still need to troubleshoot.  We will see if my package with the new coupler catches me in Lombok Indonesia.  Our check into Indonesia is Saumlaki, about 1090 nm west.  So I expect a 10 – 12 day passage (I go slow), with an arrival time of July 19 – 21.  I have to get Hannah and Juana to Lombok by August 6th. That is an additional 1000 nm past Saumlaki!  There they will travel back to UK, and I will look for crew and continue to Thailand.

OK, so at noon local time, SV Intrepid is 9 degrees 35 minutes south, 147 degrees 00 minutes east, heading 260 T at 5.8 kts.  Wind SE @ 15, swell SE @ 1.5.  Sky clear.  A nice day.  Now I hope my monitor wind vane works!

We have traveled 12 nm straight line distance (more with navigating the reef) and we have about 188 nm to the Bligh Enterance of the Torres Straight shipping lanes, so 2 – 3 days.

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