Tuesday October 1, 2019

Where is Tim? 

Well, its time to depart Marina del Ray in Gile Gede Indonesia and sail north to Krabi Thailand.  The route will be 1425 nm and take about 15 days, with a planned 3-day stop to check out of Indonesia at Nongsa Point Marina (near Singapore).

My crew, Craig, is excited, and so am I, I guess.

I say that because Marina del Ray has been awesome.  Ray LaFontaine, his brother Mike, Phil, Albert, Lucia and the rest of the workers are amazing.  They are all my friends.  The facilities are great, food great, great personality, everything is just great.  Probably why I stayed here 2 months!  Simply the best anchorage since Mexico, and that includes Tahiti, Samoa, Fiji, New Zealand and more.  It is a do not miss for my cruiser friends!

But like everything in this crazy cruisers lifestyle, it is time to wander to a new destination.  Plus, many of my cruiser friends are likewise heading to Krabi.  So, its off sometime today.

More adventure to come..


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