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Mike the Dog’s Super Big Flying Rolling Jump” is an adventure book for kids ages 4 – 7. I am writing it for my grandson, Lucas. It is loosely based on a trip my family and I took several years ago. Mike musters all his courage to follow his dreams and prove to a sick girl, Anja, that anything is possible. As always, your feedback is important to me. Let me read the first six chapters:

Mike the Dog’s Super Big Flying Rolling Jump

Chapter 1: Mike gets a medal.

“Can you believe it, can you believe it! Ladies and gentleman, Mike the Dog just received his medal from the Mayor. The Mayor ! Holy smokes! Once again ladies and gentlemen, this is Durk Smiley coming to you live from the Snowyville Fair Grounds, where its a beautiful day and little Mike the Dog just got his medal for the first ever super big flying rolling jump.”

“You should of seen it ladies and gentlemen. Everyone from Snowyville was here. The sun is shining. The green grass is carpet soft. The high school band was playing the Daft Punk Medley; you should have seen Bobby Rogers play that tuba, while several of the town’s kids were climbing in the big oak tree. Mr and Mrs Donaruma are here cooking their famous spaghetts and a meat-a-balls for Mike any anyone else who wants to eat. Mr Clarkson is also here with his ice cream truck giving away free ice cream cones. I’ll bet there will be lots of happy kids today!”

“Hold on, hold on please ladies and gentlemen. My boss is telling me we have a phone call. Yes, uh huh, yes, ok, thank you. I’m back ladies and gentlemen. Our caller said he did not know who little Mike the Dog was, and what is a super big flying rolling jump?”

“Wow, what planet is this guy from! Everyone knows Mike the Dog. Mike is the best dog ever! But ok ladies and gentlemen, let’s go back to the beginning for this caller.”

Chapter 2: Rex

“A few years ago, Tim and his three boys, Matthew, Alex and Cody bought a farm at the south end of Snowyville. You know, before you cross the river and head into the forest. One day they decided they needed a good helper to watch all the animals on the farm. So they went to the Snowyville animal shelter to adopt a new dog. Now don’t get ahead of me ladies and gentlemen, this was not Mike, this was Rex.”

You see the animal shelter is like an orphanage for animals, many of whom are alone, scared and just not wanted. There they fell in love with a young, energetic Jack Russell Terrier named Rex. Now Rex was Social, Curious, Active and Playful. He had a big black patch over his right eye and three brown paws. He was perfect. So they filled out the adoption papers and brought Rex to his new home on the farm. Over the first few months, Rex became comfortable with his new family. Rex was now part of a family, and family is forever. He loved his family and his family loved him. Each member of a family has a special role to play, and Rex had his special role as well.

He knew every animal on the little farm. Each morning after breakfast Rex would run out the back door and make his way to the edge of the forest. Along the way, Rex passed 1 pig: “morning Mr Pig,” barked Rex. “Oh, good morning Rex,” said Mr Pig; 2 cows, “good morning Elsie and Angus,” said Rex. “Moo morning Rex” said the cows. 3 rabbits, 4 ducks, 5 birds, well, you get the idea. Rex knew every animal on the farm, and all the animals loved Rex. The night after dinner, Rex was so happy he wagged his stumpy tail and then did a back flip. Wow! What a great dog!

Chapter 3: Sophia

One day while Rex was checking all the animals on the Farm, he came across a lost dog. She was sitting behind a small bush near the big oak tree, shivering, scared and alone. “Hi, my name is Rex.” “Your not going to hurt me are you,” said Sophia. “Are you lost,” asked Rex. “Yes I am,” said Sophia. “My name is Sophia and I don’t know where I am and don’t know how to get back home. I’m so scared. I have been here all night.” “You don’t have to be sacred anymore,” said Rex. “I know we can help you find your way home!”

Sophia was relieved she had met such a nice dog like Rex. She stopped being scared and really liked Rex. Sophia was a little white wired-fox terrier, with four brown paws and a short, stumpy tail. She followed Rex back to the farm house.

Once in the house, Tim saw Rex and his new friend. “Well, who do we have here?” asked Tim. Sophia had lost her collar, and she wasn’t very good at speaking human. Tim scratched Sophia behind her ears. She really liked that, and gave her some water and food before picking her up and placing her on the soft blanket near the fireplace. Sophia and Rex took a nap while Tim thought how to find Sophia’s home.

Then Tim had an idea. I’ll take a picture of the lost dog, make some posters, and ask everyone in Snowyville. That evening after dinner, Tim and his boys played with Sophia and Rex before going to bed. Sophia was still sad because she was lost, but she was warm and with new friends.

Chapter 4: Mr and Mrs Donaruma

The next day, Tim came across a flyer posted on a telephone pole in Town. It read, “We lost our beautiful dog, Sophia. If found please call Guiseppi and Teresa Donaruma. Wow, Tim drove home and called the Donaruma’s right away. They were so happy that Sophia was found. Later that day Mr and Mrs Donaruma came to the farm for Sophia. She was so excited. They Gave Rex a big hug and an even bigger soup bone. He was so excited he did another back flip.

The Donaruma’s moved to Snowyville from Florence Italy just last year. They were both retired, but they liked cooking and opened Snowyville’s only Italian Restaurant, Spagetts and a meat a ball.

Mr. Donaruma was a toy maker and Mrs Donaruma was a puppeteer in Italy, and Sophia loved the puppets. That night Mrs Donaruma did a special puppet show for Rex and Sophia. The curtain opened in her hand made puppet theater. It was about a boy who wanted to fly. Tim and the boys loved the show. Rex was so excited, you guessed it, he did another back flip. I still don’t know how he does it. One minute he is standing, the next, bang, back flip. Rex is really a strong little dog.

Over the next several months, Tim, the boys, the Donaruma’s, and of course Rex and Sophia became best of friends. Rex loved the Spagetts and meat-a-balls! In fact, one meatball was almost the same size as Rex.

Rex and Sophia also became best friends. Rex would bring Sophia to the farm, and she knew all the animals. Morning Mr Pig barked Sophia. Oh, good morning Sophia said Mr Pig. Good morning Elsie and Angus said Sophia. Moo morning Sophia said the cows. Of course, 3 rabbits, 4 ducks, 5 birds, well, you get the idea. Sophia knew every animal on the farm, and all the animals loved Sophia and Rex.


Sophia moved in with Rex and his family on the farm. The Donaruma’s loved the idea Sophia was just down the road on the farm and knew she was happy and safe with her new family, and, of course, with Rex. Every day, Sophia and Rex, after their morning chores, would visit the Donaruma’s in their little Italian restaurant. Sometimes they would sleep at the Donaruma’s house, where they were always given a bowl of warm milk before bed.

Eventually Sophia and Rex started their own family. First came Rex Jr, just like his dad, Social, Curious, Active and Playful. He had a big black patch over his left eye and 3 brown paws. Like his dad, Rex Jr. loved the farm. He used to play tricks on Elsie and Angus. Mr. Pig would always get a big laugh over Rex Jr. He knew lots of tricks and would play all day when he was not helping his dad work.

Then the twins, Louisa and Brigitta. Louisa, like her mom, was all white with four brown paws. Brigitta had four brown paws, and, like her day, a black patch over her right eye. They were both adorable and were both in school as service dogs. They were really smart. Service dogs are special. They work with people who need an extra hand, or paw, to make their life easier. Service dogs get to go into buildings and even on airplanes, they are that special.

Chapter 6: MIKE and PARVO

Finally came Mike. He was the youngest. When he was born Rex was so happy and excited. He ran all around the farm telling all the animals. He even ran into town to tell the Donaruma’s, and everyone else. “What is it boy?” arf, arf, arf, arf!

But after Mike was born he became very sick. The Vet, that’s a doctor for animals, said Mike had parvo. The vet said he would do another test in the morning. Rex became very sad. Sophia started to cry. Rex Jr and the twins all laid down near their mom. Tim, the boys and the Donaruma’s held back their tears. The next morning took forever to arrive. After a few minutes, the Vet said Mike will be ok. Rex became so excited he did another back flip. Everyone was so happy. The Donaruma’s make a big Spagetts and a meat-a-ball dinner. Rex and Sophia name little guy, Mike. Mike was pure white with a big black nose. Adorable.

Chapter 7: MIKE GETS BIGGER – meets DELTA

Now Mike, very smart. He knew all the animals on the farm. Mike loved to play and explore. He liked watching the birds too. One day, Mike Watched a puppet show by Mrs Donaruma. It was about a boy who wanted to fly. Mike so excited he did a back flip, just like his dad, Rex. From that day on, Mike knew he wanted to fly. One day, Mike rad down hill as f sat as he could go, and then leaped into the air. Am I flying, Mike thought. But then, Mike came crashing down onto the ground. He tumbled and rolled down to the bottom of the big hill until he finally crashed into a pile of soft grass. When Mike got up, he noticed a strange looking dog looking at him. “Who are you?” asked Mike. “I’m Delta, ” said the stranger. “What kind of dog are you.”, asked Mike. “I’m no dog,” said Delta. “I’m a cat. Delta cat is my name.” Mike had a new friend, a cat! “What were you doing.,” asked Delta. ” I wanted to fly,” said Mike. ….

Well, there you go. Only 25 chapters to go. Mike will travel to Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Dubai, Australia, Japan, India, Nepal, Ireland and Amsterdam before going back to Snowyville where he musters all his courage to try his Super Big Flying Rooling Jump.

I post sections regularity on my web page, www.sailintrepid.com. and as always, your support and contributions help keep this sailor going.

See you next time.

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