Thursday August 8, 2019

Where is Tim, Thursday August 8, 2019. At 0700 local (2300 UT on 8/9/19) Intrepid is at 9 degrees 03 minutes S by 116 degrees 08 minutes, heading 265T @ 4.0 kts. I have about 40 nm to go to the Marina Del Ray in Lombok Indonesia. Of course, as the “crow flies,” it is only about 10 miles.

Dang I am bored. Lots of fishing boats at night, but I seem to be a bit outside their positions. This wind stinks, right off my behind. I can hold a course of either NE or SW, not NW, where I need to go. It has been like that since New Zealand! I admit, I’m a bit tired of being on the boat. Good news, is I ought to be in the Marina sometime within the next 24 hours. So ends another solo passage. Yesterday I did make another “Tim on Everything” video. This time on “Crew.” Assuming I can get a sim card and decent internet since New Caledonia, I can finally yupload that video along with my “Women” video. Oh boy! Enough said, I may even find a hotel for a night, assuming of course I have any money in my account, ha!

Today’s trivia: Hippo milk is pink, who knew?

Hold Fast …

Just a reminder, come Saturday please begin to use my account. I anticipate remaining in Lombok until September 9 – 14. Thanks

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