Think outside the box

I have often times stated that Facebook is entertainment, not news.  I’ve been admonished and unfriended for such thoughts.  What, I troll, OMG!

You want to beat big tech and sloppy government, make them irrelevant to your lives. Forget them!   Stop defending your little empire of dirt.  Go outdoors and live. Adventure. Enjoy family and friends. Nothing gets mouthy marionette bureaucrats more upset than people having fun.

You want to scare big business and government, how about if 70 million Trump supporters decide to not pay their mortgage for one agreed upon month.  Or 70 million Trump supporters go into their bank and actually cash a pay check, no direct deposit.  The banking system would collapse. The government would show it has only illusionary power.

Think outside the box, and have fun doing it๐Ÿ˜Ž

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