Saturday October 17, 2020

Only a few more weeks until Shannon arrives and we depart from the Seychelles for South Africa.  I’m excited.

The plan is still for a November 2-3 departure to South Africa, and finally the final sail back to the USA next spring.

Boat jobs are nearly completed.  All that’s left is to inspect my main sail reef lines and a hull bottom cleaning.  For the first time in over one year, my sails, rigging and engine are all working. Yup, I did cross the Indian Ocean with some major sailboat systems not working!  Have I mentioned how much I hate all things Indian Ocean.

Life here in the Seychelles is getting pretty boring.  The local anxiety is almost palpable.  Simple put, there are basically no tourists, and the local economy which relies on tourism, is starting to panic.  Covid, the great pandemic that wasn’t.

Many of the foreign cruisers are planning to likewise depart from the Seychelles soon, if they have not already done so.  South Africa is the popular destination, since it is the only reasonable route into the Atlantic Ocean.  But even though South Africa is technically open, word is that one immigration officer in Richards Bay South Africa is preventing cruisers from getting off their boats in Richards Bay.  No worries, everyone will just move on, and the local Richards Bay merchants will be deviated.  Such is the way logic works in Africa.  Corruption is the religion. 

I’d like to spend Christmas and New Year’s in Capetown, but it is only a brief rest stop!

Finally, as always, thank you to everyone who continue to help this intrepid sailor finally get home.  3 years of no income plus Covid has been a disaster for many of us caught in the middle of an ocean.   I never saw this coming, but 6 more months and this incredible journey is done. 

Follow us, and drop a few coins in our PayPal bucket on your wayout!  Any help is greatly appreciated.

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