Saturday January 19, 2019

Saturday January 19, 2019

Where is Tim?

These past few weeks have flown by! Still “on the hard,” finishing boat projects. Typically the smallest things turn into the biggest pain. Yesterday I decided it was rime to add my Intrepid boat name decal after painting the hull. I actually had these made in the USA before I departed. They came sealed in plastic, so I never opened them until yesterday. To my amazement, there was only one boat decal. I needed two! I contacted the manufacturer to complain. I was then told that I only ordered one. Really?? Ok, so I then asked to order a second decal asap since my son was coming down to New Zealand in February and could hand carry the phantom decal. To my amazement, the one decal was literally 1/2 the price of what I paid 18 months ago. When I asked how that could be, I eventually received a memo from the manufacturer that I did, in fact, pay for 2, but somehow I only ordered one. Huh?. They are rushing me a second boat name decal.

I still am trying to track down a small water leak. I went back to my bilge project the other day and found about 1 liter of water. Now, I’m pretty sure it is not sea water coming in from under the water line, since I am not in the water. Also pretty sure it is not an engine coolant leak, haven’t run the engine. It did rain the other day, or it could be a plumbing leak. But, my electric water pump goes off as soon as I turn of the faucet, typically indicating the system is pressurized, ie., no leaks. Oh well, back to the drawing board. My sails are now ready for pick up from the sail loft, so hopefully no sail issues until I get back to the USA.

Been trying to go for a walk every day. Temps are hot and days are long. Been studying Celestial navigation. In fact, I give such a class in Auckland in min February. Gone sailing a few times with my new Kiwi friend, Ryan. He has a Whiting 45 sailboat, designed and built in New Zealand. A fast boat.
Last week I conducted a Stall / Spin awareness seminar at a flight school in Kerikeri. It was fun. I am trying to do the same in a few other flight schools. Otherwise, evenings are dinners with friends and watching a movie. I am frustrated my “My Passport” external hard drive (with a ton of sci fi movies) stopped working. You plug it is, the light blinks, the unit vibrates, but no data. It is a new cable and that cable works on my borrowed hard drive. So, ideas??

I am totally excited my son, Alex, will arrive February 25 in Auckland for a visit. I really miss my family and friends. I have access to a car, so if I can not kill myself driving on the left side of the road, I will pick him up from the airport. I can’t wait. Hoping my other son, Cody, will visit sometime soon as well.

I managed to extend my New Zealand visitor visa another 3 months until April 30th. The process was simple. Ao now, I am planning next season. I would like to be in the Caribbean by Christmas, which means South Africa by early November. I will probably route myself New Zealand to New Caledonia to Papua New Guinea, to Indonesia, Cocos, Maritius, South Africa, st Helena, Brazil and north. Or I may bypass Papua New Guinea and Indonesia and go via northern Australia. Either way I am now looking for a sane crew member. Been talking with several individuals, so I am optimistic someone will be crazy enough to come along.

More to come!

Thanks for all your donations and help. I still need about $ 500 to complete all my boat projects, but am hopeful several of my friends will be willing and able to make a small donation to this lost cause!

Remember, life is no fairytale. If is is midnight and you lost your shoe, your drunk!


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