Saturday December 4, 2021

‘My Journey on the Sea,’ by Timothy Brill

This is my auto-biography about my 4-year journey around the world on my sailboat, sv Intrepid.  This book is scheduled to be published in May 2022.

Help support the publishing of my ‘My Journey on the Sea’ by pre-ordering your signed paperback copy today.  

Suggested Donations before 15th December 2021.

For your donation of $150, you will receive 3 softback children’s books – collector items – part of my Texas Dog Adventures Children’s book series that you can buy and then gift to a child between ages 6 – 14 years. Or just keep them yourself!

  • TeXas the Dog’s Super Big Flying Rolling Jump: Volume 1 (TeXas Dog Adventures)
  • TeXas the Dog goes to an Airshow and finds a Secret Bunker: Volume 2 (TeXas Dog Adventures)
  • TeXas and Cody and go Sailing and find Buried Treasure, Wow! (TeXas Dog Adventures Book 3)

For your donation of $200, you will receive 4 books – 3 Texas Dog Adventures children’s books plus my philosophy book, ‘A Whole New Attitude’ – “So, this is life?”

For your donation of $300, you will receive 5 books –   3 Texas Dog Adventures children’s books, my philosophy book, ‘A Whole New Attitude,’ plus a $100 signed author copy of next book ‘My Journey on the Sea,’ due for release in summer 2022

Make your donation via PayPal by either using the “Donate” link on my blog,, or via PayPal direct to

Of course I will need your name, telephone, email and mailing address. You can email me that information to , which will be kept 100% confidential.  In addition, I ask you to attach that information to your PayPal donation, as a note or message.

Unfortunately, it may take 8-12 weeks for delivery upon receipt of your donation. ‘My Journey on the Sea’ will be mailed to you when it is published. I will keep you all informed.

The journey continues.

Thanks for your patronage,


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