Wednesday June 26, 2019

Wednesday June 26, 2019

Where is Tim?

I continue to do boat work here in PNG. The rain makes motivation low. Last weekend I spent with a bunch of local kids talking about sailing and showing them Intrepid. Finally got my sails down and cannibalized an old main sail for patch material. My friends on Pied a Mer III arrived, and with them is their sewing machine. So I hope have the sails completed. I still need the sail tape for my jib. But, I managed to obtain a second jib. Even if I just attach at the foot and head, ought to give me more versatility.

Still need to complete the engine prop work. Again, waiting for parts. Looking forward to this Sunday’s celestial navigation class.

So, more likely I will head north to Thailand this season. That would mean next spring to either South Africa via Sri Lanka or perhaps the Suez and into the Med. This way I can get some major work done on Intrepid, dive, and hopefully see many of you..

Still need to renew my Sailmail account. Still need $$$, but what else is new, ha!

Now for more trivia: In Japan, it is traditional to eat at KFC for Christmas dinner.

More later…

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