Wednesday October 16, 2019

Wednesday October 16, 2019

Where is Tim?

We finally arrived Nongsa Point Marina at 0900. It is a very nice place, complete with an awesome pool and bar, all within sight of Singapore.

Yesterday we motored toward the northern tip of Pulau Batam Island, against a current and in some of the densest commercial shipping traffic I have ever seen. My usual semi-working drive train issue is still frustrating. I have decided to just replace all the components and call it good. I’ve had 6000 miles of this bs.

The Singapore Strait (simplified Chinese: 新加坡海峡; 狮城海峡; traditional Chinese: 新加坡海峽; 溮城海峽; pinyin: Xīnjiāpō Hǎixiá; Shī chéng hǎixiá; Malay and Indonesian: Selat Singapura) is a 105-kilometer long, 16-kilometer wide strait between the Strait of Malacca in the west and the Karimata Strait in the east. Singapore is on the north of the channel and the Riau Islands are on the south. The Indonesia-Singapore border lies along the length of the strait.

It includes Keppel Harbour and many small islands. The strait provides the deepwater passage to the Port of Singapore, which makes it very busy. Approximately 2,000 merchant ships traverse the waters on a daily basis, making it the largest commercial shipping area in the world!

As it was dark we decided to drop anchor last night about midnight, and will complete the final 12 miles in the morning. We were anchored in 30 feet of water, amongst over 30 huge tankers. I hope we don’t get squished!

The plan is to depart Sunday for Krabi Thailand, and the end of sailing for this season. Up next, boat work and the Red Sea. Oh boy.

More to come …

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