October 14, 2020

Thank you so much for your  continued support.  Being stuck in the Indian Ocean during the Covid pandemic has been trying to say the least.

My plan is to finally depart from the Seychelles November 2, direct Richards Bay South Africa, Cape Town, St Helana, and finally Florida.  I am projecting a late March arrival into Florida  I am more than ready to get home.

My final hurdle to making this happen is being able to pay all the corrupt Seychelles departure “fees.”.  It’s Maldives all over again (although not quite as bad).  Port fees, clearance fees, health fees, agent fees, inspection fees, environment fees, safety fees, the list goes on and on….   The days of sailing into a harbor, dropping the anchor, and eating fish are long gone.  To most of these Indian Ocean countries, you are a cash cow, with no other options available. 

I estimate the total “fees” at about  $ 1000 USD.  So I am asking for your help one more time.  Any amount you may be able to donate towards my ability to finally get home is gratefully appreciated.  This is not where I planned, nor wanted, to be.  But I have no options except pay these departure fees and sail on home. My excitement for the long, gentle sail across the Atlantic Ocean is increasing.  My continued frustration on anything Indian Ocean is almost debilitating.  But with the help of my friends, I will make this happen.

A link to our PayPal site can be found on our website, www.sailintrepid.com

Thank you again and “Hold Fast “