Monday September 9, 2019

Monday September 9, 2019

Where is Tim?

Well my news of the day. My parts package is departing Port Moresby to Gile Gede, via DHL. So, I’m hopeful I may actually get it! A big hooray to the Royal Papua Yacht Club for their assistance in finding my package that was lost in the PNG Customs, paying the duty, then forwarding it via DH L. Thanks Aaron, Eunice and Josephine.

In other news, one crew member, Balazs, arrived Saturday. Great guy. I’ve been talking his ear off – not that I talk that much, ha!

More cruiser friends are arriving from New Zealand. Along with them are coming more Opua New Zealand boat maintenance horror stories. Opua need get their maintenance act together, or risk loosing big in the cruiser community.

Meanwhile, I am the unofficial social director here at Marina del Ray. From creating the morning cruisers net, the movie night, evening lectures on celestial navigation and flying, even to adding the tag line, Marina del Ray, the gateway to Bali, I am having fun.

I hope to be moving in a week, as soon as I can create a more reliable engine with my long over due parts. So in the meantime, some boat projects, then the bar.

More to come …


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