Monday November 22, 2021

Monday November 22, 2021

At 1300 UT (0900 local time), Intrepid is at 24 degrees 04 minutes North Latitude and 077 degrees 15 minutes West Longitude. AT ANCHOR behind “Athol Island” just 1 nm east of Nassau Bahamas.

Wind: E @ 9.0
Swell: E @ 0.5
Cloud: 20%
Baro: 1018 steady (not calibrated)

Today we will attempt to “check” in to the Bahamas at the Nassau Yacht Haven. There is a huge storm heading for the Bahamas Tuesday. My decision was to wait it out in the safety of Nassau. I am considering after this storm to sail direct to Florida and get this 4-year trip finally over. Still not sure as I am so very tired and lack motivation.

Regretfully, Ash and I have decided to part ways here in Nassau. I feel sad but it is probably for the best. This is the last blog being sent to any of Ash’s friends. I will delete your information after this blog. I wish Ash all the best, she was a unique companion since Capetown SA. Good Speed.

More to come:)

Cheers from Tim.

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