Monday June 2, 2019

Monday June 3, 2019.

At 2200 UT, SV Intrepid is 18 degrees 22 minutes South and 157 degrees 54 minutes East. Course 330T at 4.7 kts! (We just did a tack) Wind E/SE at 12.5. Swell SE an 1.5 meter. Cloud 90% and barometer 1017, steady. We traveled 547 nm with 825 nm to go, sigh!

The forecast (based on the GRIB files) calls for the winds and swell to ease today. I’m in! This swell has been harsh.

Last night was another super uncomfortable sail. Funny watching water running out of the spikot at a 45 degree angle! The evening was pitch black, no moon, no stars due to clouds. My only companion a bird that followed us all night. I think maybe a frigate? Anyway, was chirping continuously, even though I never saw him.

Well yesterday I wanted to run the engine to charge up my batteries. They are real low, and its still cloudy. After 2 hours shut it down as it seemed the hose clamp I placed on the shaft had “slipped” back to the stuffing box. At least the hose clamp will prevent the ocean from pouring in! So today I will investigate. I have to find the prop shaft key, again, and re do. I’m sure the old set bolts are doing nada. Sure wish I was in the calm of PNG, would make this much easier.

I’ll tell you, my days are exhausting (Juana also).. Always something to do. I am beat after this passage. Luckily this is the most north until next year when I cross the equator in the Atlantic Ocean. After PNG, most mileage is west!

OK, our daily trivia: The word “swagger” was invented by William Shakespeare.

I miss my kids and my new grandson, Jace. Thanks for writing back, means lots! (


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