Monday January 21, 2091

Today I was given about 1 liter of Interlux 2-part epoxy primer, white. The person had used all he needed, and this is what was left over. So, with about 2 hours until the primer paint, I jumped into action. Managed to paint the chain locker, engine area around my new stern tube, the bottom side of my hard dodger, a few cupboards in the bathroom and salon, and finally the storage areas in the lazarette. Unfortunately, in a few small areas the primer “bubbled” meaning the old paint was not epoxy 2-part. So, in these areas I need sand and try a 1-part polyurethane paint. No problemo!

Alwo decided to make some “pirate packs” for Papua New Guenea and Indonesia. Since most “pirates” are probably non-English speaking local fisherman, who are told by their boat owners not to come back to port until they have a boat load of fish, they are probably harmless. So, the pirate pack. In a zip lock bag, I’ll put a few cigarettes, matches, water and a snack. I’ll wait until I get to New Caledonia to buy cigarettes, they are probably government subsidized up there! If that does not work, I can use my Smith and Wesson pirate pack!

Oh, drove last night to Kerikeri. First time driving in 15+ months! Since I couldn’t remember left side or right side, I stayed in the middle. Works for me!

More later,

“Buy us a beer”

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