Monday January 13, 2020

Where is Tim?

Finally cleared into Thailand earlier today. When you arrive in Thailand and get the visa on arrival, it is for 30 days, period. It cannot be extended.
However, Thailand will not question why it took 7, 8 or even 10 days to get here from Langkawi, Malaysia. So my 30 days gives me until February 11, when I plan to depart for India. Oh boy!

Like the beginning of each year since I departed the US of A, I’m still fashionably broke. Like in I-only-have-$1.33-in-my-bank-account-broke. So for now I will row the dinghy and do laundry in a bucket. But like the beginning of each year, things always seem to work out. In fact, I’m psyched for my trip into the Red Sea. Heck, working sails, working auto plots and even a working engine, wow, life can’t get much better!!

The cruising to Phuket was simple, except for everything fishing: fishing boats, fishing nets, fishing farms, fishing stakes, fishing pots. A water slalom course in an area that has been totally over fished. Ao Chalong Bay, where I am now, has hundreds of boats in its very shallow ( 10 – 16 feet) and protected area. The local area is littered with bars, stores (yep, even Starbucks!), Russian tourists and an ex-pat community of single old white guys who, I think, come here to die? The Thai people and their usual super friendly selves, and the entire area is under the watchful eye of the 45 meter tall Big Buddha statue.

My son, Alex arrives in a few days. It will be nice to be with him for a few weeks before my departure to India.

More from this intrepid sailor soon.

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