May 1, 2019

At 0900 on May 1, we are 34 22 S by 174 28 E.  Heading 315T at 4.1 knots.  Sailed 56 nm since we departed at 4pm.  have 837 nm to go. Weather sucks.  Gusts and very rolly seas, but that is New Zealand.  Have 1 more tear in the main that I taped.  My Monitor Wind Vane still not working, more on that later.The friction cap lock on one of the winches came off (UI have a temporary fix),  Plus its cold.

Wind is right up our butt!   Horrible.

Ross keeps wanting to race, full sails to hell we go.  I do NOT want that, to much stress on the old rig in these gusty winds. Currently we have both head sails and no main.  The French Kid hid in the bathroom last night to avoid his watch, which I did.  Pissed me off! The Spanish woman cooked dinner, did her watch, no problemo. I had zero sleep last night off to a typical start.

Ok, Monitor Wind Vane.  I replaced the Ring Gear, plus bearings and washers.  We correctly meshed the gears.  But steering is sloppy.  It seems that the wind paddle and Water paddle more a bit independently of each other.  Not sure why.  Maybe I need more spacers to shim the gears??

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