June 19, 2020

Well, made it to the Seychelles.  This passage absolutely sucked! 1450 nm, 23 days, alone!  It was endless days of shit weather. pouring rain, countless squalls, endless jibing. In between the squalls came the super uncomfortable rolling, toerail to toerail. The cabin is in shambles, and completely saturated with water.  My batteries finally gave out about 2/3 of the way. Recorded 10.41 total volts one evening.  Quick, turn off everything except the auto pilot. Replacement batteries are ready for me to pick up in Victoria.
I never experienced the SE trade winds that everyone talks about.  Lots from the SW, and N and E.  It was pitifully slow.  My least distance covered in a day was on this passage.  I’m tired of being tired, uncomfortable and scared!  It just sucked. So far I have experienced absolutely nothing of note since leaving Thailand in February.  India was a disaster when they denied my entry saying my visa was 12 hours expired.  The Maldives, (my diversion from India), with their corruption and ridiculous fees for absolutely everything, is a place to avoid.  And now this passage from hell!  I’m hopeful my mood improves in the Seychelles.
The Seychelles themselves are unique in that the surrounding water is 13000 feet deep, yet the plateau that the Seychelles sits on is on average 160 feet deep.  You still have the wind, but the sea state is much different.
So, now to the work crew for local repairs and in 1 month off to Tanga Tanzania. How quickly we forget pain! I am looking for crew for this passage. Then in early November, off to Richards Bay South Africa.  I will hire a delivery skipper for that passage if I can. I am done with long solo ocean passages. Way too much energy.
I just want to get back to the USA!    The South Africa route is my fastest route home.  Oh boy!

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