July 30, 2020

Another week in the Seychelles. Too much rain and too much beer! Ok, probably way too much beer!

The weather here is been unusual, so say the locals. Wind and lots and lots of rain. To think, this is the dry season. The weather charts showed what looked like a “cyclone” passing by over the past several days. The cyclonic rotation but not enough wind to be called a bon-a-fide cyclone. Just glad I’m here and not out at sea. There are no active Covid cases here in the Seychelles and it is a beautiful island. But at the end of the day, it is, in fact, an island. A small island.

This weeks boat projects included replacing my alternator, water pump, and fixing the gears on my Monitor Wind Vane. Slow but sure, the boat projects get done. I still anticipate an October departure for South Africa and eventually the USA.

Speaking of South Africa, I’ve met lots of South African ex-pats living here in the Seychelles. South Africa itself is currently a nightmare for whites, so lots of them are here. Don;’t ever try to out drink them. I don’t think it possible.

Of course, been teaching celestial navigation and starting to really miss flying. Politics still makes me depressed, ok, angry. It seems like many of our democrat controlled cities are war zones. Makes me sometimes think if I want to go home in the first place.

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