July 16, 2020

Still in the Seychelles enjoying new friends and a beautiful country.

Thanks for the heads up about my website. Apparently the web server process crashed spectacularly. So much so the server just decided to sit back in awe instead of restarting the process as it should have. 
Anyway, the site is up and running again. Let me know if something else goes wonky on you. The next remedy is fire! Hah! 

Rain! Ok, it’s supposed to be the dry season but it rains every day. I mean pouring, heavy rain. Even the locals say this is unusual. Oh well, Intrepid has never been cleaner!

I finally moved into a slip a few days ago. Ok, a boat yard. It’s safe, and the “guard dogs” seem more interested in playing fetch than guarding. I did manage, despite the rain, to replace my broken engine mounting bracket, 2 engine mounts and my house batteries. Still have lots to do before my October departure, but I’ll get it done. My biggest issue seems to be the expense of shipping parts (like my new jib) from the USA. FedEx shipping evidently costs more than the parts themselves. Its frustrating when on a budget!

Due to Covid, Tanzania is off my radar. Next stop will be Cape Town then back to the USA. Currently South Africa is “closed,” so I guess I need get all my maintenance completed here while I can.

More to come ..

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