Friday October 9, 2020 – where is Tim?

A productive, albiet hot and humid, week.

For the first time this year, all systems go.  Rigging fixed, new sails, new prop shaft and coupling,  engine major service, new generator, fresh water pump and an AC “trickle” charger.  Heck, even a working refrigerator for the first time in 2 years!  (My special thanks to Duco, Joe and Tim for their help). All that is left is to clean Intrepid’s hull and a few software updates.

But the most exciting news is I have a CREW member.  Shannon Thomas of Florida will arrive in the Seychelles on November 1.  Given the local Covid rules, we plan to depart November 2.  I’m super happy to not have another solo passage. This will be fun (as fun as this passage can be).

Our 2000 nm passage will bring us past Madagascar, Mosenbique and into Richards Bay South Africa.  We plan 17-20 days at sea.

I am again asking for your support to help this intrepid sailor finally get home.  This extra Covid year has caused a financial hardship for many of us caught in the middle of an ocean. This is not just a convenience. We have been totally alone. Forget masks and social distincing, we are literally in the middle of nowhere. There are simply few options except to hold fast and see it to the end.

Follow us, and please drop a few coins in our PayPal bucket on your way out!  Any help is greatly appreciated and will mean I can finally get home!

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