Friday May24, 2019

Where is Tim?

Friday May 24, 2019

Well, the big news. Jace Rylan Brill. Born May 23, at 12:53am. Yup, grandson # 2!!! It is times like this that the isolation of being at sea hurts. All my love to my son, Matt, my grandson’s Lucas and Jace, and of course, my daughter-in-law, Sandra. Well done!

Otherwise, raining here, again, as always. Got the main sail back on the stick, paid the marina bill, visited immigration, customs and obtained our departure clearance from the Port Captain.

So, he plan is still to depart Sunday for Port Moresby, PNG. Looks like a 15 kt tailwind for most of the 1380 nm passage. I am technically in the Coral Sea, and the location of the 1942 “Battle of the Coral Sea.” Have to brush up on my history.

More later

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