Friday December 8, 2017

Chapter 6: MIKE and PARVO

Mike was the youngest. When he was born Rex was so happy and excited. He ran all around the farm telling all the animals. He even ran into town to tell the Donaruma’s, and everyone else. “What is it boy?” arf, arf, arf, arf!

But after Mike was born he became very sick. The Vet, that’s a doctor for animals, said Mike had parvo. The vet said he would do another test in the morning. Rex became very sad. Sophia started to cry. Rex Jr and the twins all laid down near their mom. Tim, the boys and the Donaruma’s held back their tears. The next morning took forever to arrive. After a few minutes, the Vet said Mike will be ok. Rex became so excited he did another back flip. Everyone was so happy. The Donaruma’s make a big Spagetts and a meat-a-ball dinner. Rex and Sophia name little guy, Mike. Mike was pure white with a big black nose and a small black tip on his stubby tail. Adorable.

Chapter 7: MIKE GETS BIGGER – meets DELTA

Now Mike was very smart. He knew all the animals on the farm. Mike especially loved to play and explore. He liked watching the birds too. One day, Mike watched a puppet show by Mrs Donaruma. It was about a boy who wanted to fly. Mike was so excited, he did a back flip, just like his dad! From that day on, Mike knew he wanted to fly. Mike ran down hill as fast as he could go, and then leaped into the air. Am I flying, Mike thought. But then, Mike came crashing down onto the ground. He tumbled and rolled down to the bottom of the big hill until he finally crashed into a pile of soft grass. When Mike got up, he noticed a strange looking dog looking at him. “Who are you?” asked Mike. “I’m Delta, ” said the stranger. “What kind of dog are you.”, asked Mike. “I’m no dog,” said Delta. “I’m a cat. Delta cat is my name.” Mike had a new friend, a cat!

“What were you doing.,” asked Delta. ” I want to fly,” said Mike. “Dogs don’t fly,” said Delta. “I will,” said Mike. “Well, maybe I can help you,” Delta responded. With that the 2 friends went back to the farm house for a snack. Mike introduced Delta to his mom, dad and even his brother. Rex asked Delta where he lived. “Oh, I sleep in the forest,” said Delta. “Where is your family?” asked Rex Jr. “I don’t have a family,” said Delta. “Do you ever get scared,” asked Sophia. “Nah, cats don’t get scared,” said Delta.

Just then Tim came home also. All four dogs were happy to see Tim. Mike was especially happy. Tim picked up Mike and gave him a big kiss. “There is my flying dog,” said Tim. Finally Tim noticed Delta. “Who do we have here,” asked Tim. Delta purred and rubbed his body around Tim’s legs….

Well, there you go. Only 25 chapters to go. Mike will travel to Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Dubai, Australia, Japan, India, Nepal, Ireland and Amsterdam before going back to Snowyville where he musters all his courage to try his Super Big Flying Rooling Jump.

I post sections regularity on my web page, and as always, your support and contributions help keep this sailor going.

More about Mike later..

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