Friday August 7, 2020

Another week in the Seychelles. For no particular reason, the rain stopped, the wind direction shifted to SW, and like a light switch, the SW monsoon is in full effect.

I still plan an October departure for South Africa, via Nose Be Madagascar. I finally obtained my temporary import paperwork for Intrepid, which means I can remain in the Covid free Seychelles until November 14 with no “import tax,” but most likely a late October departure.

Otherwise, been doing boat projects and drinking way too much beer. Oh, and trolling on Facebook. It’s so ease to get people upset these days. Like fishing in a fish farm!

Some have asked about Intrepid’s long rang communications set-up. Intrepid is equipped with an iCom M802 SSB radio and Pactor DR 7800 Modem. We also have an Iridium 9555 satellite phone, Iridium fixed mast external antenna, and a Beam PotsDock 9555 docking station. Both systems are “routed” through an old HP computer, Windows 7, and Sailmail. The system seems to work well, but I’m trying to update the computer, the weak link of my system.

Anyway, follow this intrepid sailor. More to come…

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