April 8, 2021

Where are Tim and Ash? (Thursday April 8, 2021)

At 0830 UT, Intrepid is at 06 degrees 57 minutes South and 033 degrees 37 minutes WEST!
Heading: 280 True at 2.9 knots
Wind: 20 knots SSE
Swell: 2.5 meter SE
Cloud: 20%
Barometer: 1015 (but not calibrated)

Brazil is 69 nm away. Arrival Friday. Day 44 at sea. Trying to slow down!

We will be at the marina tomorrow morning. Since departing Capetown, we have traversed 18 degrees of latitude, 53 degrees of longitude, 5 time zones (we are currently in the Fernando de Noronha Standard Time) and about 3800 nm. Now only hours away, we are trying to slow down so we don’t make landfall in the dark. Figures no wind for weeks, now too much wind. The sea state is very uncomfortable right now, oh boy.

We plan to tie to a mooring ball to appease the Brazilian authorities that we are not actually entering Brazil. Good part is that means no stamps in our passports to show future covid trackers that we were ever in covid hotspot # 1. Planning to stay 10 days, reprovision, and depart for Saint Lucia on Monday April 19.

The journey continues.

Follow these intrepid sailors. It is really fantastic getting a little news or humor from friends and family and it really brightens our day, so take a minute and update us. Write soon!

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