April 7, 2021

Where are Tim and Ash? (Wednesday April 7, 2021)

At 0830 UT, Intrepid is at 07 degrees 19 minutes South and 032 degrees 11 minutes WEST!
Heading: 280 True at 3.0 knots
Wind: 14 knots SE
Swell: 2.5 meter SE
Cloud: 40%
Barometer: 1015 (but not calibrated)

Brazil is 155 nm away. Arrival Friday. Day 43 at sea. The decisions begin. The marina is 6 miles up a large river. The river has a tide. So our best bet is to be outside the river in the Port of Cabedelo about 1 1/2 hours after low tide. That means Friday about 11 am local time. That would put us on the mooring say 1pm local time Friday. Just our luck we may actually have to slow down so as not to spend much time in the turbulent water near the coast. The journey continues.

Last night was very uncomfortable with the swell. You had to hold on even when sitting. Yuk!!

Thinking of the original continent of Pangia, it is easy to see the result of how it split up when one looks at the world map. The area where we are sailing to – Recife in Brazil fits perfectly into the top corner of Congo, and both countries have incredible rain,forests and wildlife. On the original ocean charts we have aboard, the depth contours have been marked up and one can see the line of where the two continents were joined, as this forms the deepest line in the ocean of around 5000 m deep. Sailing over these ocean contours leaves one with thoughts of how incredible it all is and how much there is still to discover down below.

Follow these intrepid sailors. It is really fantastic getting a little news or humor from friends and family and it really brightens our day, so take a minute and update us. Write soon!

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