Friday September 25, 2020

Friday September 25, 2020

Where is Tim?

Another boring week in the Seychelles.  My USA friend, Giles, and I rendezvous nightly for our mandatory rum and coke and to try and solve the world’s problems.   His sailboat, Petrel, is next door to Intrepid.  He too is planning a November departure to South Africa.

The week began with a fire.  Not on the boat, but the dump next door caught fire.  Rumor is it was arson, in advance of the Seychelles national elections in a few weeks.   The fire suppression efforts reminded me of watching the Keystone Cops.  Broken equipment, no expertise and little coordination was the eule for the first few days, as a pile of tires, toxic materials and rubbish burned out of control.   The only good thing was the prevailing SE winds blew all the black smoke and toxic fumes away from the Marina, and towards town, which continues to be closed. 

Next, my 2 parts boxes arrived on Monday afternoon. But due to the fire, are someplace between customs and my boat.  A total distance of less than 1 mile!  Oh well, 99% done, 99% to go!  Shouldn’t take more than a week for some drone at customs to stamp a paper.

I’m hoping Shannon, my crew, will finally get here soon.  Supposedly her new passport has been mailed to her.  Now we are coordinating with the Seychelles ministry of health as how to get her here as crew.  Everything is a problem in Covid world!  It’s such bullshit!

The plan is still for a November 1st departure to South Africa, and finally the final sail back to the USA next spring.

Finally, as always, we are asking for your support to help this intrepid sailor finally get home.  3 years of no income plus Covid has been a disaster for many of us caught in the middle of an ocean.   I never saw this coming, but 6 more months and this incredible journey is done. 

Follow us, and drop a few coins in our PayPal bucket on your wayout!

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