Thursday October 22, 2020

Welcome to the shit show which is the Indian Ocean.  An already notoriously poor sailing area (due to unpredictable storms and wind plus current that are 90 degrees off each other), this China virus bs has made any planning impossible.  Everything is different from previous sailing seasons.  Information is mostly wrong and changes daily.  Groups, like the Indian Ocean passage group, are typically wrong.  As an example, cruisers were told, in writing, that South Africa would be open to cruisers beginning on October 1.  Cruisers in Richards Bay are still being denied entry!    I was told, another example, by the same Indian Ocean cruising group, to send various South Africa officials regarding my intentions and sail plan.  So far 3 non existent email address.  It’s beyond frustrating.  But since the South Africa route is my ONLY way to sail home, I’m going regardless.  (I did inform the USA Consulate, per instructions from the Indian Ocean passage group), and am planning to depart from the Seychelles for South Africa on November 3.

I know many of you have questioned why I continue. Leave the boat and fly home!  Except to do so will cost thousands of dollars.  First import the boat.  Next pay a 15% of the assessed value of the boat for an import tax.  Then find a place to leave the boat.  Then try to find an airline.  Finally pay for quarantine.  Sell the boat was an even worse idea!  Simply put, it is illigal for a foreigner to sell a foreign boat.  I’d first have to import the boat, find a broker, etc, etc. So, I need hold fast and follow to the end.  The days of “drop the hook and eat fish” are long gone. I’m afraid that cruising is harmed for many years to come.

India was a disaster.  In distress, I was denied entry by a corrupt immigration officer.  An at sea “rescue” was then coordinated by the US Coast Guard.

Then was the 100+ days in quarantine on my boat in the Maldives.  The most corrupt country on planet earth!  One can only hope the Maldives would sink to the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

Currently in the expensive and racist Seychelles, I’m watching this country, like India and the Maldives before, implode due to this Covid nonsense.  It’s time to go.

I spent what little money I had to repair Intrepid (except for the bottom paint).  Lucky I did since the boats who elected to wait until South Africa are currently not allowed to do anything.  Yup, welcome to Africa.  As a friend told me, you know the difference between a tourist and a racist?  10 minutes!

None of these countries were on my destination bucket list.  They were traditional safe harbors on my revised passage to get back home.  But I can see my final hurdle, getting to Capetown, by Christmas.   Boy what stories.
Again,  to those of you who recognized my distress situation these past several months and donated your encouragement, time and money to help this intrepid sailor, my heartfelt thank you!  The irrational world wide Covid response has been a real challenge here in the Indian Ocean.

So follow us, and please drop a few coins in our PayPal bucket on your way out!  Any help is greatly appreciate.

A funny response:

Dear Tim
Thanks for latest and can appreciate your frustration and even more so
your comments on the shitholes of the 5th world.
For those of us who through accident of birth have had to put up with
this shit since 1994 it is all pretty normal.
Luckily you can make these statements without fear of retribution from
the sub 85 IQ hordes but we have to be more circumspect.
Remember you are a citizen of the most powerful and influential nation
in the world and in history.
Where does the 500kg canary sleep –wherever he damn well pleases!

In terms of the UN mandated International Maritime Act which SA is a
signatory to they cannot refuse you entry. Failing which your local
embassy will tear them a new asshole.
The local regulations from the Corona Virus Command Council (shades of
the CCP and Politburo -USSR!) cannot over rule international law!

Remember it is always easier to apologize in arrears than get
permission up front! Even if you have to eat humble pie at least it
will be marginally edible with your local embassy backing you.
Remember no country holding out the begging bowl (as usual) can afford
to piss of the USA.

Make your plans and set sail and try and salvage some of the pleasure
which was your original intention from the outset.

As far back as March I stated “follow the money “as far as Covid is
concerned and the latest revelations have proven me right. Big pharma
is calling the shots and compelling government to buy the vaccines at
exorbitant costs in terms of agreements signed 15 years ago.
They just needed the WHO to declare a stage 6 pandemic for the
contractual obligations to kick in. GO figure!

The deliberate inflation of the death toll all the way back to the
Italian experience tells the whole story. Sickening!


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