Wednesday December 12, 2018

Wednesday December 12, 2018

Where is Tim?

The week began with a road trip to Auckland. Now the New Zealand highway system is not really a highway system. Miles of single lane winding roads. It is only when you get close to Auckland that the road widens to, dar e I say it, 3 lanes ! Regardless, everyone loves to tailgate, and speed. It is a car culture. Pedestrians don’t stand a chance! The right of way goes to the car!!

On the way back I went to visit Whangarei. Not really what I expected. A muddy river 13 miles upstream from the ocean. Not to mention that by 7pm on Saturday evening, most everything shut down. It is a bit cheaper than Opua, but I am now thinking to remain where I am. I still have lots of boat projects to complete, so no big rush to decide anyway.

The boat projects continue. Todays projects included:

1. Sanded bottom hull. Patched some areas with fiberglass and splash zone 2-part epoxy.
2. Installed my new 3/4 bronze through hull and ball valve.
3. Troubleshoot my ac circuit breaker
4. Troubleshoot water maker low pressure pump.
5. Troubleshoot refrigerator
6. Began the slow process of taking out my prop shaft. I need to repair the packing gland hose and probably glass in a new stern shaft log. That ought to stop the leaking.

Once my engine mixing elbow arrives from the USA, I can complete the engine service.

My next celestial navigation class begins right after Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, it is weird that Christmas in New Zealand begins summer. Something unnatural with that!!

More tomorrow, Cheers.

We figure we will need about $ 300 more for boat parts. Your donations is what keeps this wayward sailor afloat. Thank you!

“Buy us a Beer.”

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